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As part of our commitment to every child becoming a confident reader, we are excited to share how reading works at our school and some new rewards for reading frequently at home.

Reading is one of the most important skills that every child can learn and is proven to improve their outcomes at every stage of their education. 

When children love reading, they want to read more often and continue to improve their fluency, confidence and enjoyment of reading. 

To support this, we are excited to be launching a home reading reward. We expect children to read their school reading book at home at least 3 times per week and we want to reward them for reading frequently.

How it works:

Every time your child reads to you, please sign their reading record to say that they have read. 

The teachers will give children a reading point for every day that they have read that week (up to 5 points per week).


When your child has read 20 times, they will be able to use their reading points to buy an item from the reading shop e.g. a bookmark. If they want to, they can save their points for bigger items in our reading reward shop e.g. a book.

Home reading books:

Our home reading books are matched to each child’s own reading level. This means that they can read at least 95% of words confidently and that they have the skill to decode the remaining words independently. Whilst we strive to achieve this and regularly check to ensure that this is the case, please make us aware if you feel that we need to check the pitch again.

This may make a book sound “too easy”. Please remember that their reading book should be a book they can independently read to you whilst developing fluency and expression. They will access more challenging texts in class with their teacher’s support.

Library Books:

Children also borrow books from the library which they can enjoy reading with you at home.  They may be linked to personal interests or authors that the children have been introduced to in school. They are available to take home and swap once a week. 

To improve this further, we are hoping to introduce a free bookstore on our playground. This is a bookstore where you can access pre-loved books or donate books that your children no longer reads. There is no requirement to donate books to be able to take some. When you have finished with the book, you are welcome to return it so even more children can enjoy it.

Once we are ready, we will let you know and any book donations would be welcome.